The Bruzen Cruzer

Here is a photo album of pictures taken of my PT Cruiser.

Just a little bio about me.

This page contains photos, slide shows, and videos of my PT Cruiser. It also has links to other sites where my PT Cruiser is seen.

2001 Custom Chrysler PT Cruiser, Waterfall Edition, 2.4 L Engine

Over the years I have also participated in parades with my car clubs. Click above to view those photos.

Back in 2011 I discovered a web site called "Cool Rides Online". I registered and downloaded photos of my Cruiser. I then learned that my PT was selected for "Cool Ride of the Month" for October 2011. Because of my involvement on this site, I was selected as a "Cool Rides Champion". I then became an ambassador for "Cool Rides" and for Gold Eagle products. This page will annotate my involvement with this great site and this great company.

I spend a lot of time at Car Shows and during each, I take a lot of photos. Here are some of the Car Shows that I have attended and the pictures that I took.

Click above to view the photos.

A Tribute to America's Finest